Monday, March 02, 2009

New Blog of note

My friend Gavin has been blogging for years. so its known that he blogs about youth min

so he and other youth minsters started a blog about youth min in many setttings here's the blog

go over and give them a hello

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars recap: who wants to be a slumdog?

well the movie Slumdog Millionaire rolled thoght the 81st oscar awards. this is a movie i will have to pick up on dvd . it won many Oscars incording the main one - Best Picture

other awards of note

Best actor: Sean Penn - for his role in Milk
Best Actess: Kate Winslet - for her role in the Reader
Best suporting Actor:
Heath Ledger- for the his role in the Dark Kight
Best suporting Actress:
Penélope Cruz for her role in this film
Best anmaited film - Wall-E

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Game Day: Phonix at Nashville Preds 7 pm CST

this game i will be wacthing

the Preds comming off a great road trip come home to face the cyotnes

how the Preds can win:

Step up on d and not turn over the puck

how the Preds can lose
let Phoinex score more then 2 goals

My Pick- Preds 3-2

long time no see- an update

hello bloggerworld

its been a while sports wise this is what happed. Hendersonville had a good football season and a good girls soccer season but baskitball has been a disaster. it really has not been a good year .

Preds are trying to hang in there Bulls stinks Titans lost to the ravens in playoffs and then the Steelers won it all all afther the Cubs broke my heart

weather wise its been a cold winter in Hendersoville . we had a lot of snow and ice for once and once again we are expecting more today

life is good. still enjoying helping the church youth out and trying to live a Christ-like life still not perfect but hey no one is

the blog will cover weather a lot more and I will do some interviews of friends and family so you can get a gimple of what our lives are at in this town and beylod . but I will still cover sports but trying to cover all my intnerts too.

Monday, January 05, 2009

week one NFL playoff tooughts


Week One of the NFL playoff is in the books and next week the Titans have to face the Ravins. being on facebook last night was worth it. two of my firends one a ravins fan from b-more and one a Titans fan debate the upcomming game.. the others games were barely over and those two great buddies of mine start talking smack. this makes me love the playoffs

any way. my two epic fail awards go to:
Miami - soppy play way to end a great season Fins (and Michel P is none tooo happy )
Vikes- had the lead most of the game only to blow it at the end.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monday Morning QB- Tuesday epasode

a recap of all the football that went on this long weekend
First- Vandy beat Miami of Ohio - i was not surpised about the score but was Shocked on how Good Vandy played . Will they go to a Bowl game? time will tell

2. Beech 16 Hendersonville 3 - i was really really disaponited in the guys this week. We shound have come back and won this but we kept shooting ourseves in the foot. i think we had almost 100 Pen yards... not good

3. Kentucky 26 The Ville 2 - GO CATS! one of the bight spots of the weekend we beat the in state Rivel in a sloppy game by both teams but Kentucky has some D :)

4. UCLA 27 UT 24 OT - UT needs a new Kicker nuff said

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hendersonville game 1 - Vs Station Camp Bison 7:30

well it's here High school football season!!!

tonight My alma mater Hendersonville Plays Station Camp in our first Rively game of the year. The team is excepted to come into Paul Decker stadium with a stoing team so we better be careful on D if we can open up our offense we can win. I think it's going to be close and we get sweet taste of revenge 23-22 in OT Hendersonville will win

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beijing 2008

well it has already began. before the flame was even lit the Oympic soccer touramnet got underway The US woman lost in shocking play to Norway in what is a disgrace! Norway is our rivel in woman soccer and i am upset we lost. ...well not so much ...... it's girls soccer what did you excpet? the real soccer players the men won today VS Japan - Japan hasn't been that sucessfull of a footballing nation since WC 20002 in thier own backyard. so i wasn't too surpised

and now my picks for the top 3 in the medel table afher 16 days
1. China- they send thier laigheist team ever and they hope to grab many goal medels
2.USA- tough team, they will wsin 30 goal medels led by michel preps and the Dream team
3. Russia- it's going to be a lil dwon year on the Russians this year but goals in westing and weghtlifting

shound be a excteing 16 days in Beijing- Let the games begain and Go USA!