Tuesday, February 03, 2009

long time no see- an update

hello bloggerworld

its been a while sports wise this is what happed. Hendersonville had a good football season and a good girls soccer season but baskitball has been a disaster. it really has not been a good year .

Preds are trying to hang in there Bulls stinks Titans lost to the ravens in playoffs and then the Steelers won it all all afther the Cubs broke my heart

weather wise its been a cold winter in Hendersoville . we had a lot of snow and ice for once and once again we are expecting more today

life is good. still enjoying helping the church youth out and trying to live a Christ-like life still not perfect but hey no one is

the blog will cover weather a lot more and I will do some interviews of friends and family so you can get a gimple of what our lives are at in this town and beylod . but I will still cover sports but trying to cover all my intnerts too.

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