Sunday, June 18, 2006

I am named afer a king a dead king

Yes i was named afher a king, a dead king... King David of the bible and i like that fact. Today in Church- Pasiter Michncl Wiilem's sermen was on the story in the Bible of samnel at Jessie's farm looking for a king afher he went toguh all the older kids he asked Jessie if there was more and jessie said "there david " and when sammel came to david God Said "this is the one and ahouted him king of Israel David while not perfciot went on to be Israel's best king ever the point mike wanted to make was that we are alll called to Serve God, no matter who we are My close friend ,Emily Gregory Whom i was sittting with said that was the best serman she has heard at FUMC-Hendersonville I argeed with her God has lead me to volenteering with youth and I feel this is my calling


gavin richardson said...

God enables the chosen, he doesn't choose the able... someone once told me that, i think it's pretty good way to be

gavin richardson said...

is david going to post here anymore?