Tuesday, September 19, 2006

RAW 9/18/2006

WWE RAW was a great show last night, I was late turning in but the show was better then the past few weeks.. Some highlights:

1. The six pack IC match was Awesome! Super Crazy is really Poeveing himself his worth in the WWE with his work last night I was impressed by all the Westsers in the math Even Jonny Nitro who I hate beyold words really stepped it up , In the end Nitro won pissing me off royely but that's his job as a Heel

2. DX really was funny in there Tibute vindio to Vince and Shane It was truly Gold

this was a great show ***1/2 I only saw the last 90 mins

in other news the Monday night football game was a snooze fest. I am glad I didn't watch it

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gavin richardson said...

it was a snoozer, i watched some while cleaning the house. i only caught the last 15 minutes of raw, thanks for the wrapup.