Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Titans 24 Giants 21

wow what a game on sunday! I tuned in at the start and the The New York football Giants went up 21-0 anmd i said "game over. we suck" to a friend on facebook , Liltte did i know i was going to eat my words, I tunred the game back in at the 4th and it was 21- 14 "WTF WE arte scoreing TDs ?" i said and then right there I watched Vince Young and the Titans Tie it 21-21 and i am thinking "this is too good to last we will lose in OT" and Pacman Interships tthe ball anhd Brinas (who i had so liltte faith in at the start of the season hit the 49 Yarder asnd we won. THnak God for Vince Young!

In otehr news My Church's mens bball team rebouned loast night to win 37-31 over GCPC My best friend Jeff Thomas had a decnet game

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