Sunday, January 20, 2008

Next Year's Best exit/in show

what a night.

I just woke up ahfher a long night... last night Me, Dan Pankin, his dad Ray, Michelle Stewart and Chris Turner all went to see our friends Jeff and Rachel Thomas and Kevin Callas's Band Next Year's Best play along with servel awesome bands. Me and Chris Met up at my Crib in Hendersonville and Then made the 20 mile trip to Nashville, It took 20 mins to make the drive ahfer a pre show Dinner at the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut in Hendersonville. We got to the Exit/In and Met Ray,Dan,and Michelle there. My inpressen that it was Larger then the last club i saw NYB play at. (The Muse witrrch in a twist of Irony was shut down by the Metro Nashville Gov't the day before the show) the lineup was diverse. we had a goth band, we had a solo act, we had Metel bands, we had some cali style bands (the ones you would hear when you walk into Hollster), and then you had awesome bands like Alen's foley who in my mind seams to be on thier way to stardom. and then you had Next Year's Best. they are like the next Radiohead or the American Verison of it. the band that won it all was you guessed it a Metel band- They were great. and had more fans out then we did. Jeff Rachel and Kevin were not disapointed at all when we talked to them- they wrre just glad to be given this oppturey to play beofre a great crowd. Then at 12 20 this AM CST Me and Chris made our way back home to H'Vegas Arriveing back at my Place around 12 :45 CST.
in very cold 10 or 9 F Weather. a good night had by all of us

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