Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP Estelle Getty of tv's Golden girls

The Golden Girls May be A HHS dance team but their TV namesakes has been around longer then any of the girls danceing on the team now. the tv show Golden Girls shound be must see on TV for the girls as the Golden Girls on TV showed what it mean to be a great person .. one of the TV "Golden Girls" was Estelle Getty who played Bea Athuer's weise craking mom on the show. she was funny and had a lot of of people in the USA lahging hard during the 80's. today Getty died at 5:30 AM in the the L.A. Area of CA today. She is one of the TV sitcom Actnesses i foever conseder Great. she will be missed by us TV fans. The pic on the left is from the AP. she is holding her Golden groble award. Estelle Getty Dead at the age of 84. Rest in Peace

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gavin richardson said...

wow! i've been gone so much i missed out on this news. thanks dave