Wednesday, January 31, 2007

warmth in winter

Didn't get much time to blog at Warmth In Winter after all, But how cound you when you look after 70 crazy Teens (and Jan and Pam two of my fellow chapones ) after all that stress i say I had a Great time. I roomed with a great guy Bruce Teal. We Had a GREAT speaker named Drew, He Pointed out that the Church has in History has built Fences and exclude People and said that our youth today have to stand up for ppl who do get "left out". We also had a great in-house band for all 3 services and the Sunday morning worship "3 Mile Road" was awesome. This trip is what i really needed after a rough year.

in other news - Our Church's Men's team lost again - So what else is new ? but it was sure a close game

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