Monday, February 05, 2007

Post super bowl toughts

well Super Bowl 41 has come to an end and we Titans fans here in TN are hearing about the Colts win last night, I went to the church party fellow bloggers Kyle and Gavin were there. not many people showed up as most of the kids went to aotehr party. the game itself was horrable, It was Raining down in Miami,FL and the ball was so wet we had so many flumbles, Me and Clayton were roooting for DA BEARS so you know we were going to win, Right? Wonrg, Formor Gater Rex Grossman Choked. giveing Peyton his first ring

I bet my friend Dan Panken is pissed as he is a lifelong bears fan.

I know i am b/c i owe Jessica Thomas Lunch

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