Friday, August 31, 2007

a Very Late HS game recap SCHS 19 HHS 17 and HHS-Beech Preview

Tough game tough Loss. Hendersonville Lost to Station Camp 19-17 It was a tough loss to take. We almost won this one but..... The Bison drove down the fied and Reed thier Kicker kicked the winning FG. Not a good way to start the season.

But tonight is a MUST win...We play in what the English Call the Hendersonville Derby VS The Beech Bucaneers . This is one of the biggest High School Rivelys in the USA . Being a HHS grad I know this is the week where Hendersonville is cut in two. This is the week you hear trash talk about town both sides want bragging Rights .. but only one will win. and ahfer this week everyone is friends again .. but this week heck no...LOL we have the best riveley in the land .. my pick HHS 21 Beech 7

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gavin richardson said...

from what i heard hhs didn't fare very well. coaching change?