Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why my rensonship with God is getting stoinger

years ago (back in 2001-2003) i was depressed sad unhappy i was also a chat room nerd .

Fast foward to Now - I am a happer Person. Doing something i love Shareing to the good news and gotten out of the chat room plase

What i found out that by being sad i was liveing an unhethley life being depressed and fdould out that chat rooms aren't a place to be in

What i aslo found out was that God and my many friends love me

2004 marking the beingeinig of a turnaround that has incrrsed to this day. I make it a point to attued worship services at church and to be more invoed with the Youth and minster to the HHS kids.

and i found real happines in that renship with God and not some Chat room

That's my Story of Faith

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gavin richardson said...

that is a great story david!